Main Data Science community organized event of the year is back!

How it works

Online Fest has 3 key activities:


Live stream on ODS YouTube

~main conference stage

  • Youtube live stream on May 22nd from 11:00 to 19:00 Moscow time — unites everyone from Siberia to Europe

  • A full day of premieres and live broadcasts with ODS hosts and your favorite furry and feathered co-hosts


Networking in

~conference venue

  • All the awesomeness that remains behind the scenes — your live communication and acquaintance with community members

  • Dozens of online rooms with all your favorite formats: from theme tracks to Powerpoint Karaoke


Tracks on

~theme conference halls

  • Hundreds of videos hosted within tracks stay there as a contribution to the cutting-edge Data Science field

  • Each track has its own schedule of reports, meetups and activities — join them and their communities!

Programme and tracks

Each track is a maxed out section, expanding to an independent conference.
Our organizers have prepared tracks on key areas in modern Data Science:

Engineering Business Community Industry Research

Tracks list is not final — register on the event page and stay up to date with all the updates!

What’s next?

Timeline of activities May 22 - June 19, 2021

Data Fest Online lasts a month! We have prepared a whole galaxy of activities, and invite you to participate:

  • YouTube live streams on the main days of the fest: the opening on May 22 and on June 19 we summarize results and start the ODS summer school, plus 3 more offsite live streams

  • Maximum networking in every weekend on Saturdays and Sundays

  • Meetups in with reports and discussions throughout the month - join the tracks you are interested in and participate in their activities

  • Practice — hackathons, ML competitions, and ODS Summer of Code projects working groups

Is it difficult? Let's go over a rough plan for the whole month together 👀

On Saturday, May 22nd we are giving a ceremonial start to a whole month of events — live stream from the zoo and tons of ​​activities in

Starting from May 23rd the track video talks start. Also on Sundays we have a lot of networking as a bonus to the main programme

Dozens of track meetups are held every week, as if each track has its own conference

On Saturdays we arrange streams from different cities, not forgetting about the maximum meetups and other track activities (plus networking)

On Saturday, June 19th, there will be the final stream, umming up the results of the month, after which we immediately start the ODS Summer of Code

Starting from June 20th, as we wake up after the afterparty, the main activity of tracks smoothly switches to the ODS Summer of Code school projects

A more detailed schedule will appear on May 19 — register to be aware of all the news!

Conference partners

Data Fest exists thanks to the support of great partner companies, so that we can develop Data Science around the world! You will meet these companies at the Fest:

Information and media partners

Subscribe to their channels to be among the first ones to hear about events like Data Fest!


Couldn't find the answer to your question on this list? Try asking in the Data Fest channel in ODS slack!

Where will Online Fest take place?

Tracks are hosted on Fest is livestreamed on our ODS YouTube channel ODS AI Ru. Videos will be on this channel as well. The link and the password to ODS space in SpatialChat will appear on May 22 at 10:30 am on the event page.

When will the Fest take place?

The main action is on May 22, after which there is a whole month of meetups, live streams and various activities. The final day is on June 19, and then we move on to the ODS Summer of Code School.

Do I need to register for the Fest?

If you want to participate in networking activities — yes, you do. If you are fine with watching YouTube and lectures on your own, then the registration is not necessary. We advise you to register in order to be able to participate in all the activities of our cool event ;)

Where to register for networking activities?

Registration (face control) and all networking activities - through your profile on First you need to create a profile on Then, register for the Fest there. After registering, you will be presented with additional tabs, a password for, and the ability to join tracks.

Is participation really free?

Yes. But there are legends that all this happens in exchange for the participant’s soul.

Is it possible to gather offline as usual?

We care about the health and safety of our community members, and we don't want to put you or your loved ones at risk. If you decide to get together somewhere in a small company at your own risk, we will not dissuade you. Unfortunately, the numbers are still growing, and last year's joke is still relevant.